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“A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the luster of the firmament of bards and sages.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Taking the ferry across to balboa peninsula. Splendid.

Thank you adobe, mailchimp, and the many other awesome sponsors of web afternoon! It was an incredible honor! I’m just a poor boy born in a refugee camp. Hey mom! Look at me now! We’re winning!

Request an invite today to our private beta. we have our first live deal running with Nefelie’s, a charming little Greek restaurant in Brevard Court. Their burgers are amazing! They grind all of their own meat!

The first night we all met and Elluva was born! Really lucky to have some incredible guys as founders and brothers. Left to right, Harish, Ben, and me.

Something I threw together last year.

I want to tell you a story about my life. When I was 24 I went to visit my father and I brought over a pack of Heineken, our favorite beer to drink together. We sat on the back porch and I was just enjoying the intimate moment shared between father and son on a lazy afternoon. I told him that day that I would be moving to Charlotte, NC soon to pursue a new idea I had in music.  

My father, who had developed a calm Zen like disposition, sweetly told me a story about his journey. How his whole adult life, he has run from the grasp of poverty, by eliminating uncertainty, mitigating risk, and simply just not doing anything stupid. He asked me, why do I do the opposite? Why am I not afraid of failure, poverty, or ridicule? I said, “well pop, I know you and mom will always feed me, and have me back, and I quite frankly don’t give a damn what anybody thinks.” He said, “yes son, as long as I’m here I’ll catch you when you fall”. 

My mom and dad are my heroes. When I am frustrated and lost, I think of them. Their journey, their hardships, and their sacrifice. Now here I am again. On yet another journey, a new idea. It is late. It is exactly 3:24 am, and I am worried about our beta launch. I’m worried is our product good enough? How are we going to scale our tech development? How are we going to pursue user acquisition? When am I going to find my soul mate marketing director? Are we focused on the right things?  

This is the journey that I love. The one I am drawn to. It is an expression of my passions. I love what we are building in Elluva and the team. We are learning how to work together and we are finding our rhythm. It is a delicate process, but a beautiful one to witness. We are finding our voice. We are focused. We are lean. We fight and we argue. We have rip roaring discussions about where tool bars should be, how many fields are required for a merchant signup form, our launch plans, our sales strategy, our financials, our business model, our QA… damnit we fight about everything! This is the part of the journey I love most!

The journey is filled with uncertainty, great risk, disappointments, and dangers, but along this path, I have found great new friends and brothers. I have stumbled across sacred wisdoms and teachings. I have learned new skills and new things about myself. I have traveled to beautiful new places. I love it all! 

I find solace in knowing the path my parents have traveled just to get me here. I am son of courageous warriors. The road my father has trekked, is the same road I travel, but I am going the opposite way, instead. The destination is in mind, but the reward is in the journey. It is here, that I have found myself and the beautiful path my parents have paved for me.  

Best wishes on your journey, that is where you will find your reward.

Alex Sok


Elluva, Inc.

Palo Alto, CA

A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist.

Louis Nizer

Thank you @leeplummer for these awesome Ella golf balls! Means so much to me! I am really honored I get to work with someone as talented and gifted as you! I love you bro!

Lots of different cultures, but ONE love!

To Rule The World

Often times, I find myself lost in the elegance of life.  I am entranced as I wonder, is the world an idea manifested by reason or emotion?  I am lost in the moment.  The wonder.  I am a child with a vivid imagination.  I imagine, I rule the world again, like the glorious ambitions from my childhood. 

When I travel, I often reconnect with this side of me.  I am amazed by the culture, the sights, and the sounds.  People walking by, buildings a mile high, and streets criss crossing like the paths that connect us to one another.  New York was brilliant, exciting, overflowing with energy, a city passionate and in love with ambition.

I was inspired by it all.  How beautiful and majestic!  New York City, shines bright and gives life to it’s citizens.  The overwhelming chatter of deals, ideas, and hopes.  The struggle and torment of chasing one’s dreams are on the faces of every single person.  It is a beautiful expression and an awesome burden to carry.  One that bonds us as a tech startup and that we know all too well.

Here’s to New York City.  May our company, Elluva and I become one with you.  Thank you for allowing me to believe I can rule the world!  The world is a manifestation of love.  That, you have taught me.  Inflict Joy!  


Alex Sok

View of #newyork from our crash pad in Jersey. Stunning!

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